How to become a truck driver with no experience

How to become a truck driver with no experience

Date of publish: 04/11/2022
Author: Katie Dobrogorskaya
How to become a truck driver with no experience

Have you recently received or are currently earning your Commercial Driver’s License but are struggling to find that perfect trucking job due to a lack of experience? Don’t worry! We are here to show you how to get a trucking job with little to no experience. While the latest trucking shortage has caused many problems, one positive that has come is opening doors for younger and more inexperienced drivers. Opportunities are available to drivers with little experience now more than ever before.

Below are just a couple of ways for you to acquire a truck driving position with little to no experience:

  1. Attend a Truck Driving School- many truck driving programs like those at the Commercial Driving Academy offer help with job placement after you complete the driver training. Attending and completing one of these courses is one of the quickest ways to assure yourself a job shortly after receiving your CDL. 
  2. Apply for an apprenticeship- to help combat the ongoing driver shortage, the White House launched a pilot program for young adults 18-21 to earn their CDL through an apprenticeship. If you’re under 21, accepting an apprenticeship position is the best way to secure long-term job opportunities throughout the trucking industry. Many companies across the U.S. have partnered with the White House to offer this opportunity to young adults who meet the requirements. 

How to get a trucking job with no experience

While many companies require experience before hiring for a trucking position, obtaining a steady trucking job is not mandatory. The primary goal for many drivers is to land that steady job driving tractor-trailers long haul. While this is a great goal, you may have to work through a few other positions first before you get to this place. 

There are many opportunities with carriers that don’t just utilize tractor-trailers. Companies that run trucks such as dump trucks, gravel trucks, construction trucks, lumber trucks, and delivery trucks can all be great first step to help you land that dream trucking job down the road. Applying to work for a construction company, local highway department, or even a local trucking company are just a few options available to you without experience. These three open doors are not the only options available to you! 

Here are two other avenues to securing a trucking job with no experience:

  1. Apply to every carrier available- As is the game of odds, the more carriers you apply to, the more likely you will land a position! Even if you don’t believe you’ll land the job, put your foot through the door and apply! Many online resources can aid you in applying for as many positions as possible. 
  2. Reach out to the larger carriers- While many people prefer to work for smaller companies that allow for more freedom when just beginning, a mega carrier may get your foot in the door! The top 10 American trucking companies have endless opportunities available. 

Best trucking companies to work for with no experience.

Eight larger companies hire from the start with little to no experience. These companies are spread out across the U.S. and Mexico, offering various positions. 

  1. PAM Transport– Based in Arkansas, PAM transport offers expedited trucking, dry van loads, and logistic services throughout the Ozarks. 
  2. TransAM Trucking– Operating out of Kansas, TransAM Trucking operates throughout the U.S. and offers top-tier employee benefits. 
  3. U.S. Xpress– Offering positions such as driver specialists, utility workers, and dedicated dispatchers, U.S. Xpress employs more than 10,000 people throughout the USA. 
  4. KLLM Transport– Operating out of Mississippi, KLLM specializes in temperature-controlled transportation services. 
  5. Covenant Transport– Based in Tennessee, Covenant Transport continuously hires warehouse workers, owner/operators, and fleet managers. 
  6. Stevens Transport– Focused on time-sensitive and temperature-controlled cargo, Stevens Transport operates throughout the U.S. from Texas. 
  7. Swift Transportation– One of the largest carriers in the US, Swift Transport operates out of more than 40 locations across the U.S. and Mexico. 
  8. Schneider– Operating all across the U.S., Schneider is one of the leading transportation companies offering logistics solutions and premier truckload transportation. 


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