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Duncan, SC

Class A and Class B CDL Training in Duncan, SC

In Duncan, South Carolina, Commercial Driving Academy has created strategic courses to help you achieve your Class A or Class B CDL in just a few short weeks. Our courses are designed to ensure that you are prepared to pass both the written and driving portions of your CDL exam. 

After passing your exams to obtain your CDL with Commercial Driving Academy, we will provide you with lifetime job assistance.

Truck Driving School in South Carolina

Obtaining your Class A CDL with Commercial Driving Academy is the start of a great lifelong career. 

Here’s what you can count on with CDA:

Professional courses Class A

Professional Four Week Class A CDL Training

The Class A CDL course offered at Commercial Driving Academy takes just four weeks. After 160 hours of training, you’ll have all of the knowledge and skills necessary to pass both the written and road tests required to obtain your CDL in South Carolina.

During week 1 of your CDL Course, you’ll spend the majority of your time in the classroom, obtaining the knowledge necessary for the written test portion of your CDL test. 

Throughout week 2 of your CDL course, you’ll spend part of your time out on the range with your instructor, working with equipment provided by CDA to help you gain skills such as straight line backing, offset backing, and alley dock work.

Week 3 of the training will give you hands-on training in the cab with your instructor. You’ll spend the majority of your time practicing the skills you need to pass the driving portion of your road test.

 Week 4 is all about practicing and developing your skills to give you the confidence in your abilities, such as entering and exiting freeways, lane control, and driving in rural, suburban, and city traffic. 

After completing week 4 of your Class A CDL course, you’ll be prepared and ready to take on your CDL exam with confidence. 


Professional Two Week Class B CDL Training

The Class B CDL course offered at Commercial Driving Academy requires just two short weeks of your time to be prepared to pass the required tests and receive your Class B CDL. 

Week one of your Class B CDL Course will be spent mostly in the classroom, equipping you with the knowledge necessary for you to be a safe and successful driver. 

During week 2 of your Class B CDL Course, you’ll spend part of your time on the range with your instructor practicing the skills necessary to pass the driving portion of your CDL exam. After just 2 short weeks of training, you will be prepared to pass the exam and receive your first trucking job. 

“Passed my class A test on my first try after completing the 4 week course. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient with you while your learning to drive. They give you all the time you need to practice your backing and pre trip inspections. I felt more than prepared for my test by the time I took it..”

– Collin G.

“The school was excellent very helpful staff instructors were super knowledgeable and very easy to work with I would refer anyone to go to this excellent School. Also they were very good at helping me find a job.”

– Keylow G.


Achieving a great lifelong career in trucking begins with obtaining your Class A or Class B CDL at Commercial Driving Academy. 

Here is what you can expect from a trucking career: 

  • Constant job security and pay with the increased demand for truckers.
  • Top-tier pay from the start of your career. 
  • Competitive salaries for truckers working for top companies like Walmart. 
  • Independence and success as an owner-operator.

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